Oaks Estate River Corridor

Queanbeyan Railway Bridge

A pleasant walk along the river includes information on the Queanbeyan Railway Bridge (above), Aboriginal use of the fertile area (below left) and European settlement which included a tannery and market gardens.

Signage about Aboriginal use of the fertile areaWoman looking at signage along Oaks Estate river walkGroup of people walking along the trail

Why is this interesting?

The establishment of the heritage walk connecting the village down to the River Landscape Precinct was based on the informal Oaks Estate river walk.

Signage highlights that the junction of the Molonglo and Queanbeyan rivers were a well-used travel route and camping location that was rich in resources prior to European settlement and afterwards as a crossing point between Yass (Pialligo) Road and the Queanbeyan Railway Station.

The river corridor and area north of the Molonglo River contains number of Aboriginal artefact sites, indicating the historic cultural connection of the local Aboriginal groups to the area. Consultation has been undertaken with the Representative Aboriginal Organisations (RAOs). Interpretation includes their existence and use of the landscape.