Track 5: Gungahlin

Gungahlin is one of the newer areas for suburban development in the ACT, and there are many sites that reveal previous uses. Aboriginal and pastoral sites abound, but Gungahlin is also host to many reserves, grasslands and parks. This track includes walks and a bike ride from Yerrabi Ponds to and into Mullians Flat Nature Reserve. From 100 year old border markers to historic villages, homesteads, an ochre ground and scarred trees - come and discover our heritage.

  1. Ginninderra Schoolhouse
  2. Ginninderra Blacksmith's Workshop
  3. Gungahlin Homestead
  4. Gungaderra
  5. Gubur Dhaura
  6. The Valley Ruin
  7. Crace Scarred Tree
  8. Yerrabi Ponds to Mulligans Flat
  9. Mulligans Flat School
  10. Old Coach Road
  11. North Forde
  12. Elm Grove
  13. Crinigan's Hut
  14. Girrawah Park
  15. Hall Village

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