Urambi Homestead site

T8 Urambi 1

This is the shearing shed that once stood at Urambi. The farmhouse (below left) and the stable (below right) and all the outbuildings were demolished. See if you can find the old tank stand, the cement floor and trough of the pigsty and the site of the sheep dip.

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How to get there?

From the Tuggeranong boundary wall, continue north along Athllon Drive and take the next left into Learmonth Drive for 2.5 km.

From the Visitors Centre drive south over Commonwealth Bridge, around Parliament House then take the left turn after the Royal Australian Mint exit onto the Cotter Road overpass. Turn left onto Tuggeranong Parkway and remain on this road for 10 km. Turn right into Athllon Drive and first right into Learmonth Drive. 

Why is this interesting?

The open spaces and wooded areas of the former Urambi property provide habitats for a wide range of plants and animals. A 4 km track takes you around the base of the dual peaks of Urambi where you can see native species are making a comeback after 100 years of grazing.

Little evidence remains of the farming activity that took place at Urambi and the colourful characters who loved and worked here.

Gerry and Mary Sheehan lived here until 1958 and Nigel Boland Love bred Poll Hereford cattle here until 1970.  Apart from being a flour miller, grazier, cattle breeder and former airforce officer in World War I, Love helped Avro sell Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd their first passenger commercial aircraft.