Rosebud Cottage

T6 Rosebud 1

Rosebud Cottage is sometimes referred to as Rosebud Apiary. There were bee hives in the orchard and the apples and honey were stored in a nearby shed. The sign is to the left of the building on a track that permits views into the large garden and beyond. Take the trail alongside Rosebud Cottage and be rewarded with a panorama over north Canberra, the National Arboretum and the Brindabella Range from the summit of Mt Painter (previously Round Hill).

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How to get there?

From Springvale Homestead site, continue along Redfern Street. Take the next left into Templeton Street. Turn right into Atkinson Street and right into Skinner Street.

Why is this interesting?

Rosebud Cottage is significant for its associations with the development of the pastoral industry in the region in the late 19th century. It comprises a group of farm buildings that demonstrate the use of the land to provide farm produce to support working class families.

The cottage was part of land ‘selected’ by the Shumack family under the Robertson’s Land Act 1861 (‘Free Selection’ Act). Davis, their previous employer, called the selection ‘Shumack’s Folly’ and predicted that shortage of water would ruin them. However, there was a good water supply on the property which grew wheat, ran sheep and also sold honey and fruit. Success was achieved by hard work and good management.