Track 4: Cemeteries

Old gravestones

The cemetery trail represents an exciting phase in our growing appreciation of the importance of burial grounds to this region’s heritage. The trail will take you to churchyards, large urban cemeteries, pastoral plots and solitary graves. Much can be learned about our society as we look at tombstones and their inscriptions. Hardships of early farming families, the high infant mortality rate, Aboriginal burial, artistic styles and symbolism can all be revealed through cemeteries and burials.

  1. All Saints Church
  2. St John's Reid Churchyard
  3. General Bridges' Grave
  4. Riverside Cemetery
  5. Tharwa: Lanyon, Onyong and De Salis
  6. Woden Cemetery
  7. Evatt unmarked Cemetery
  8. Hall Cemetery
  9. Commonwealth Park

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