Hall Village

T5 Hall1

The old General Store still stands proudly in the main street of Hall. There are ten signs around the village to reveal 'history on the rural fringe'. Places include the former Kinlyside Hall, below left, and the school. The Laurie Copping School Museum, below right, is well worth a visit.

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How to get there?

From Girrawah Park, turn right onto Gungahlin Drive continuing on Clarrie Hermes Drive to the Barton Highway. Turn right then right again into Victoria Street.

Why is this interesting?

Proclaimed in 1882, Hall Village represents a small rural service centre associated with the pastoral use of the area prior to the formation of the ACT. Today the community values the sense of physical and social separation from Canberra.

The ridgelines enclosing Hall support an endangered yellow box/red gum grassy woodland ecological community. Five vulnerable bird species have also been recorded in this grassy woodland. The presence of Aboriginal sites within the grassy woodland and along Halls Creek demonstrates a relative lack of physical disturbance within these areas.

Hall Village is also significant for its historical and social associations with the early pioneers of Ginninderra and Hall District families. While the buildings identified on the map are not individually highly significant, the collective value of these places is important in defining a ‘sense of place’ for the Hall community. The village is part of the broader cultural landscape, closely linked to the pastoral history of Ginninderra and Gungahlin.