West Macgregor

T6 West Mac 1

To see the higher density artefact areas near Ginninderra Creek (below right), continue along Macfarlane Burnet Avenue and turn left into Refshauge Crescent. Walk through the two gates and head towards the large power poles. Walk right to reach an interpretive sign and continue along parallel to the creek. After passing a small sub-station veer back up to Hilda Kincaid Crescent.

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How to get there?

From the Cranleigh Homestead site, return to Southern Cross Drive and continue west. Turn right into Macfarlane Burnet Avenue.

From the Visitors Centre turn right at the next lights continuing onto Macarthur Avenue which becomes Belconnen Way. Take Belconnen Way until its end 8km later. Turn right into Kingsford Smith Drive then first lights left into Southern Cross Drive. After 3.5 km turn right into Macfarlane Burnet Avenue.

Why is this interesting?

This site is included on Track 6 because excavations carried out in 2008, prior to suburban development, unearthed one of the richest and densest Aboriginal artefact sites within the ACT. The greatest number of artefacts was found nearby on the banks of Ginninderra Creek. This is consistent with other findings where the main Aboriginal activity is close to waterways. (See North Forde).

The artefacts found here include flakes, blade cores and waste flakes representing the manufacture of tools. Aboriginal people camped, hunted and collected materials throughout the landscape.