Track 7: Woden Heritage Track

As the first satellite town centre of the ACT to be developed, Woden suffered from demolition of much of the evidence of its pastoral history. The Soldier Settlement Scheme post World War I is a strong theme here as well as innovative developments at Swinger Hill and Callam Offices. Discover geology, nature and learn about one of Canberra's few earlier primary industries—forestry.

Stockmen and sheep on the Woden Heritage TrackSignificant tree on the Woden Heritage Track

  1. Red Hill Lookout
  2. Powder Magazines
  3. Callum Brae
  4. Mugga Mugga
  5. Swinger Hill
  6. Old Long Gully Road
  7. Cooleman Homestead Site
  8. Weston Homestead site
  9. Stromolo Forestry Settlement
  10. Tuggeranong Parkway road cutting
  11. Melrose Homestead site
  12. Yarralumla Woolshed
  13. Yarra Glen Homestead site
  14. Yamba Homestead site
  15. Callam Offices
  16. Eddison Park
  17. Woden Cemetery

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