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Gungaderra now serves the community with playgroups, exhibitions and a men's shed (below left). It is managed by CHC Affordable Housing.

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How to get there

From Gungahlin Homestead, return onto the Barton Highway. Turn left, then soon after left again onto Gungahlin Drive. Continue 2.5 km northwards and turn right into Wells Station Drive. At the lights turn left onto Flemington Road. After 1.5 km turn right into Mapleton Avenue.

Why is this interesting?

Gungaderra is significant as a good example of a medium-scale pastoral domestic and work environment in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The slab hut was first constructed by John
Winter in 1861.

Two key historical buildings remain at Gungaderra: the 1902-1904 homestead and the 1911-13 machinery shed. Historical plantings and other landscape elements surrounding these features also remain.

The 1904 pisé (rammed earth) core of the present homestead and later pisé extensions demonstrate a distinctive style introduced into the ACT in the 1870s that utilised available materials and was well suited to the climate.