Kambah Homestead site

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Kambah Homestead once stood near the Adventure Playground. The house and pool are gone, but were popular with many friends and visitors to the property. You can still see the remains of the tennis court and trees from the old orchard and windbreak.

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How to get there?

From Urambi Nature Reserve return to Learmonth Drive and turn left into Bateman Street. At the end turn right into Boddington Crescent and left into OíHalloran Circuit. The Adventure Playground is on your right.

From the Visitors Centre drive south over Commonwealth Bridge, around Parliament House then take the left turn after the Royal Australian Mint exit onto the Cotter Road overpass. Turn left onto Tuggeranong Parkway and remain on this road for 9 km. Turn right into OíHalloran Circuit. The Adventure Playground is on your right.

Why is this interesting?

The site of the Kambah playing fields, playgrounds, other recreation areas and some suburban housing was once part of the prosperous Kambah property. 

The sheep and cattle farm included 600 acres (243 hectares) of improved pasture using phalaris and clover. In its heyday the property's owners, the Bennet family, entertained visiting dignitaries. Sim Bennet helped raise money for the Canberra Racecourse and chaired the ACT Jockey Club for 25 years. He bred thoroughbred race horses, including a winning steed named Kambah.

The property's pine tree windbreak can still be seen in Springbett Street. However, more detective work is needed to see the old tennis court and indentation where the swimming pool once stood.