Track 6: Belconnen


Throughout the suburbs blocks left vacant have stories to tell. Why have they not been developed? Come on this Track and learn about ‘Belco’s’ life before European settlement, before the national capital, then with more recent building. Start with a cycle around Lake Ginninderra then into the town centre. Visit sites of homesteads, the border, an unmarked burial ground, a former naval transmitting station, student residences, Finish with a walk or ride up Gossan Hill.

  1. Lake Ginninderra
  2. Emu Bank Homestead site
  3. Springvale Homestead site
  4. Rosebud Cottage
  5. Evatt Unmarked Cemetery
  6. Cranleigh Homestead site
  7. West Macgregor
  8. Border Walk at Dunlop
  9. Charnwood Homestead site
  10. Palmerville
  11. Former Naval Transmitting Station
  12. Student Residences
  13. Gossan Hill

Click on the letters marking a site on the map to find a pop up box with some tantalising teasers.