Crace Scarred Tree

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Scarred trees were discovered during the development of the suburb of Crace, and adjustments made to the plan to incorporate three of the trees. A small park at the top of the suburb, Hilltop Reserve, provides a great view to the Brindabellas. Walk up the hill and see the 70th anniversary memorial to the Battle of the Coral Sea. Find out how this battle is  linked to Crace.

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How to get there

From The Valley Ruin, take the next lights into Kosciuszko Avenue. Turn left into Grampians Street and drive straight through the roundabout into Crace. Turn right into Langtree Crescent. The park is 100m along.

Why is this interesting?

Scarred trees exhibit scars caused by the removal of bark used in the manufacture of shields, canoes, containers or shelters. Scarred trees are of high cultural significance to the Aboriginal community, providing physical evidence of past Aboriginal occupation. Scarred trees are a relatively rare cultural site type in the ACT and tell of the complexity of Aboriginal technologies and their interactions with the natural environment.

Consistent with their heritage values and the ACT Heritage Act 2004, three scarred trees have been conserved here in Crace. Curve clockwise along Langtree Crescent to see the other two trees (before Ettrick Street and Cocoparra Crescent).