Crinigan's Hut

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A descendent of John Crinigan speaks to visitors at a Heritage Festival event. The Canberra Archaeological Society excavated the ruin, securing it so people can learn about its past. What was found under the floor? Come and read the contents on the sign. Maria Crinigan, below, and husband John had ten children - alas, only one survived.

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How to get there?

From Elm Grove, drive back down Roden Cutler Drive and cross over the intersection into Burdekin Avenue. Follow this windy road for 1.5 km then turn right into Ling Place.

Why is this interesting?

Crinigan’s Hut Ruin is the only remaining small Ginninderra dwelling. Part of the original orchard is still on site in a relatively undisturbed state. The Ruin represents the housing and living conditions of the settlers who lived along Ginninderra Creek from what is now the border with NSW, to Palmerville and Ginninderra Village.

John Crinigan’s family was typical of many early rural settlers. The social significance of this place is important to his descendents, many of whom still live in the area. With descendents, the Canberra Archaeological Society excavated the site and revealed a fuller picture of life in the mid to late 1800s.

John Crinigan was a convict assigned to Palmerville.

Listen to a short audio of Marilyn, John Crinigan's descendent