Track 8: Tuggeranong Heritage Track

Set with the stunning background of the Brindabella Mountains, Tuggeranong has eclectic heritage for you to explore. See the border - this time south-side, a schoolhouse, church and other pre-ACT buildings made from wood, stone, brick or pise. Visit sites once dominated by the grand Kambah homestead, or the humble Urambi homestead. The World Wars also weave their presence in this once remote valley.

Boundary wall with mountains in the backgroundSacred Heart Church

  1. Dog Trap Creek
  2. Tralee Slab Hut
  3. Rose Cottage
  4. Athllon Homestead site
  5. Tuggeranong Schoolhouse
  6. Railway Border
  7. Sacred Heart Church
  8. Tuggeranong Homestead
  9. Practice Bombing
  10. Pine Island Homestead
  11. Boundary Wall
  12. Urambi Homestead site
  13. Kambah Homestead site
  14. Kambah Woolshed

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