Border Walk

T6 Border 1

The Straight Line Border section is probably the easiest stretch of the ACT Border to walk. The start can be seen below right and horses may be encountered on the way.

T6 border 2T6 Border 3

How to get there?

From the Visitors Centre, turn right at the next lights onto Macarthur Avenue, which becomes Belconnen Way. Take Belconnen Way until its end 8km later. Turn right into Kingsford Smith Drive. Turn left at the second lights into Ginninderra Drive. After 3.5 km turn left into Archdall Street then immediately right into Hugh McKay Crescent. There is a small road titled Jarramlee Private Property. Park the car here and walk along the tarred road that will take you past Fassifern Pond to the NSW border. Near the entrance to Jarramlee commence the 3km return walk to the border sign and further to the surveyor’s sign.

To drive to the signage photographed above, continue along Ginninderra Drive where it bends to the right and becomes Kerrigan Street. Turn left into Percy Begg Circuit and park in the northern most bay. Head past the basketball half court to the signage.

Why is this interesting?

This part of the Belconnen Heritage Track honours the surveyors who marked out the ACT border over 100 years ago. It is one of the easiest sections of the ACT border that can be traversed in a rural setting.

Water catchment determined the position of the border for much of the ACT. With no watershed to follow on this occasion, the line of the border runs straight from Mt Coree’s summit to One Tree Hill.

From the surveyor’s sign at b), near West Belconnen Pond, see the landmarks identified. Surveyors Hill takes on a new meaning after reading about what Scrivener’s team of surveyors had to endure to deliver a border for the ACT.