Let's get quizzical

Be a star at your next trivia night! Answers to these questions can be found on a Canberra Tracks sign.

  1. What is Byalagee known as today?
  2. Who said:
    1. "And then, when these birds nested, the food of the tribe was doubled and right at their door."?
    2. "We told them not to build that lake there. They buried a big part of our ancestry with that water..."?
  3. Who in 1831 wrote a description of a corroboree that took place at Tuggeranong Homestead?
  4. How did Onyong meet his death?
  5. Which bushranger lived in the Tharwa area around the same time as Onyong?
  6. Where have archaeologists excavated to date Aboriginal presence there to 21,000 years ago?
  7. Besides Duntoon Dairy, name seven buildings built by the Campbell family.
  8. The Blundells were tennant farmers. How did 16 year old Florrie die and where is she buried?
  9. What did Ada lose on her way to school at St John's?
  10. Who wrote in 1844: "The Limestone Natives are a fine, stout, athletic race, men and women well proportioned and finely limbed"?
  11. How many convicts were assigned to Murray at Yarralumla?
  12. William Wright was the first of about 30 people to be buried at Lanyon. How did he die?
  13. Canberra Land Axis, View from the summit of Mount Ainslie was painted by Marion Mahony Griffin using materials provided to each competitor in the 1911-12 design competition. What makes this painting so remarkable?
  14. Cannons are towed to the summit for ceremonial gun salutes. The photo on the sign shows what being fired?
  15. What rock was quarried at Black Mountain?
  16. The Griffin Plan is made up of what three axes?
  17. When did the Griffins move to Australia to take up the position of Federal Capital Director of Design and Construction?
  18. Two photos (1910 and 2006) are compared on Mt Ainslie. What five sites are 'the same'?
  19. The Australian American Memorial, built in 1954, was paid for by whom?
  20. How did the children of the 1920s know it was 5 o'clock and time to go home?
  21. In the 1920s and 30s what was the only building lit up all night?
  22. A garden fete at Duntroon in 1887 marked what event?
  23. How many kilometres of hedging was there in the 1950s and who pruned them?
  24. Which organisation, set up in 1957, set out to continue the construction of Canberra?
  25. The rebuilding of the mortuary station from Rookwood into All Saints Anglican Church Ainslie needed how many semi-trailer loads to move the masonry?
  26. Name the four sections within Riverside Cemetery?
  27. When did Woden Cemetery open?
  28. Which pioneer family has 29 members buried at St John's Reid?
  29. Which two other languages appear on two tombstones at Riverside?
  30. Riverside Cemetery flooded in November 2012. In which other years were the four other floods?
  31. Street signs in Queanbeyan and Canberra remember some of those buried at Riverside. How many street signs appear of the panels?
  32. Who is commemorated on the obelisk within the drystone wall at De Salis Cemetery?
  33. The first burial at Evatt unmarked cemetery was of whom?
  34. Besides the endangered Tarengo Leek Orchid name the rare creature found at Hall Cemetery.
  35. How long is the chain measurement used by surveyors last century?
  36. What was the average number of artefacts found per square metre in West Macgregor?
  37. Who are the two artists whose work is depicted on the sign in the park on Macfarlane Burnet Avenue?
  38. What new rule did Woden property have when playing cricket?
  39. What caused Margaret McPherson enormous grief at Ginninderra Creek?
  40. Who was the last resident of Palmerville?
  41. How many pise structures are there recorded in the ACT?
  42. To avoid confusion Red Hill in Gungahlin is now called what?
  43. Who was convicted for sedition for their involvement in the Broken Hill Miners' strike?
  44. What was the outcome of a brawl at Crinigan's Hut in 1858?
  45. How many members of the Gillespie family are mentioned on the Elm Grove sign?
  46. The last time the Royal Canberra Show was held at Hall Showground was ...?
  47. Who built Parkwood Chapel in 1880?
  48. What happened to Ernie Gribble?
  49. Who operated the General Store in hall for 40 years?
  50. Matthew O'Brien was a champion sportsman who also played what intrument at local dances?
  51. What did the local children do with the inedible osage orange?
  52. Who was successful as a farmer on a soldier settlement block taken from the former Charnwood estate?
  53. Where was Rosebud Cottage first built?
  54. The invitation to a Pioneers' Night in 1951 contained what RSVP phone number?
  55. At the Gribble's race meeting, what three events entertained the punters between races?
  56. What was planned to cross General Legge's property?
  57. What is a gossan?
  58. Which government funded the more autonomous model of student accommodation referred to as 'egg cartons'?
  59. The straight-line border went between the summits of which two peaks?
  60. The title of the tall panel about Aboriginal heritage at Forde is ...